GRAPESEED OIL Product Description

First cold pressed Varietal Grapeseed Oil is a favorite of gourmet chefs because of its neutral flavor and non-greasy aftertaste. Grapeseed Oil is full of antioxidants and has a high smoke point so it won't break down while cooking, splatter or burn. It has great emulsification properties which make it ideal for making mayonnaise and creamy dressings. Grapeseed oil is the best choice when cooking delicate flavors, frying or baking.
Suggested pairings:
Because Grapeseed Oil is neutral in flavor it pairs well with all our on-tap vinegars.
To make mayonnaise
For stir fry dishes
As a base for creamy vinaigrette dressingsIn herb marinades; grapeseed oil holds other flavors well

Allergen list

This product contains no common food allergens.

$ 8.95